Vacheron Constantin has invited the legendary photographer Steve McCurry to share its unique perspective on the world in order to illustrate the new Overseas collection, the horological embodiment of its spirit of travel. The photojournalist has chosen to immortalise 12 exceptional and sometimes inaccessible locations that chime with the fundamental values upheld by the Maison for 260 years. High standards, patience, creativity, movement, transmission, openness to the world… Such are the foundations that ensure the Overseas Tour is pervaded by an unmistakable sense of eternity.


To highlight this perspective on the world, Vacheron Constantin has chosen to collaborate with the legendary photographer Steve McCurry, who places humanity at the very heart of his work.

Behind this partnership lies a common denominator: the notion of eternity, as much with regard to the representation of the history of the world as to the expression the time.

PARTNERSHIP WITH Steve McCurrySteve McCurry

So as to effectively combine his profession with his passion for travel, Steve McCurry chose to become a photojournalist. Honoured and acclaimed around the world, his work is guided by a sense of wonderment with regard to the planet and to the people he meets.

This constant quest for meaning and for humanity makes Steve McCurry the finest possible interpreter of the authentic travel spirit

Travel is an open door that allows one to observe and learn from different cultures and encounters.

steve mccurry
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